Museum of Tomorrow Popping Up at Alameda Elementary Teacher Training

Museum of Tomorrow has made its second public appearance as one of the keynote speakers at Alameda Elementary’s Environmental Literacy training project. The project was an event co-hosted by the City of Alameda, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Hall of Science. 

At the event, Jessica shared some of the basic fundamentals underlying the design processes of Museum of Tomorrow are Klob’s Experiential Learning Cycle and the Theory of Planned Behavior in social-psychology. Museum of Tomorrow is fostering behavioral change in a systematic way that involves attitude, subjective norms and behavioral control, which are the three components of a “planned behavior” through the process of experiential learning.

First: It changes the negative and depressed attitude of climate change into fun and empowered.
Second: It creates positive subjective norms through its Instagrambility, chirpy slogans and bright colors. 
Third: It provides the necessary tools for people to adopt sustainability easily for easy behavioral control. 

Together with these elements, MoT was able to produce an average of 35% point increase in pro-environmental behavior commitments across all exhibits. The pedagogical counseling done at Bay Farm’s Elementary has captivated teachers at the event by the mind-blowing facts and theories, leading to more inquiries on potential partnerships. Soon enough, Museum of Tomorrow would be popping up at campuses across all ages!

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