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The Museum of Tomorrow is committed to foster a sustainable trend through in-person experiences and now transitioning into more virtual engagements due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Your donations would ensure the operations of Museum of Tomorrow, curating more engaging, Instagrammable exhibits and popping up at various locations to change the world.

What Your Contribution Can Do


Compensate a committed Museum of Tomorrow volunteer staff for a week


Help us repair worn exhibits by replacing parts and giving it a much needed brushing up! #AdoptAnExhibit


Print out 20 copies of our Personalized Prescription Guide to diagnosing 400+ individuals in one event


Help us get established as a legal entity so our staff are protected against unexpected events!


Fund a MoT travel to an underserved community around the Bay Area!

Venmo @ museumoftomorrow

Zelle @ (626)8181994

Receive a Sustainable Packages When You Donate!

Minnow ($50+)

Start your sustainable journey with a handmade, locally produced glass straw and a beautifully crafted wooden keychain of your choice.

Bluefin Tuna ($100+)

Up your sustainability game with our 2020 color Museum of Tomorrow boba sleeve and chocolates grown sustainability, traded equitably.

Sea Turtle ($200+)

Bring a Hydropak with you on your afternoon hikes to keep you hydrated every step! End your daily routine with a biodegradable toothbrush made of bamboo and natural dye.

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