Museum of Tomorrow

Inspired by the current trend of popular pop-up museums, Museum of Tomorrow portrays climate change via an innovative approach. It translates an abstract and distant issue, Climate Change, into a tangible and immediate experience for the public through five interactive exhibits and behavior change challenges. Through visual, experiential, instagrammable exhibits, we are making over the concept of battling climate change, transforming it from something negative and far off, into something fun, immersive and actionable.  

Our Vision

Inspired by the current trend of popular pop-up museums and social media, the MoT sets the trend for sustainability movement. Our three pronged approach includes: 1. Transforming sustainability into the new positive social norm. 2. Providing evidence-based statistics on personal change in relatable forms 3. Offering a carefully screened selection of sustainable products all in one platform. Make sure to get some sustainable goods at your next visit at Museum of Tomorrow!