MOT Goes Virtual!

Imagine this: 

You are not sitting at home, social distancing. It is a different time, one where our collective worries of masks and viruses have finally ceased. With your new freedom of travel you of course decide the first thing to do is visit the Museum of Tomorrow installation at the David Brower Center. Now that you are finally able to visit nature, you want to make sure you have all the latest tips on how to protect it. Your excitement builds as you climb the stairs until you finally spot the Museum of Tomorrow icons. After snapping a quick pic for the gram, you acquire your ticket and your guiding booklet and prepare to be guided through this interactive learning experience by our very own Tommie the Turtle. 

Now, stop imagining.  

Are you thirsting to leave your home and finally visit MoT? Well, good news! We hand-picked exhibits to add to our virtual museum as well as a trailer version of the David Brower Experience! In addition, we are debuting our first interactive personality quiz! Take it to find out which MoT prescription package is for you! You may not be able to physically touch the exhibits but you can still interact with them, using our booklet and videos to guide yourself through the exhibits. This quiz allows you to find out which aspect of your daily-life would make the most difference if you changed behaviors! We even offer  eco-friendly product suggestions and special discounts to help you become a more conscious consumer and build a brighter tomorrow. 




First, we are happy to announce that you can now experience the Food Tornado exhibit on our youtube! In this short and fun-filled video, follow Zoe through the experience and learn how your protein choices can impact the environment. Can eating beef make a storm? 

We will be adding more videos like this as well, so keep an eye out!


Looking forward, you will also be able to learn about our virtual museum via our instagram page. The two exhibits are the Fruitful Fridge and the Fast Fashion exhibits (Double Double F’s!).

The Actual Exhibits

Fruitful Fridge

Our Fruitful Fridge centers around the surprising fact that 30-40% of food waste in the US occurs at the consumer level! While this might sound discouraging, it should actually be empowering because it means that you don’t have to wait around for some large agriculture company to make big changes—you can be a direct contributor to the solution! Have you ever had some veggies get forgotten at the bottom of the veggie drawer? Has the milk ever spoiled before you had a chance to drink it?

The Fruitful Fridge, which contains adorable mock-wooden produce and helpful facts and tips, will tell you: this is a common occurrence! It will also tell you that the easiest way to solve this problem is to make a strict shopping list before you go to the grocery store, and make sure you stick to the list! This way, you are only buying the things you need. Along with overbuying, overcooking is a big food waste culprit. Knowing where food waste happens can help us to better intervene in our living systems to make a big change!

Fast Fashion

Switching gears to the second set of F’s. Did you know that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the current economy? The Fast Fashion columns showcase the amount of clothing thrown away by the Average American every year. Visitors are able to feel the fabric and learn about the ways the fashion industry impacts our environment. From home, we are sure you can find some textiles to touch. 

Fast fashion is any inexpensive clothing which is mass-produced rapidly in response to the latest trends. Have you ever heard that it’s “taboo” to post the same outfit or swimsuit on instagram twice? These notions along with the influencer lifestyles that fuel the fast fashion industry. Often, these clothes are worn only a few times or not at all before being discarded. The best way to fight back against fast fashion is to buy second hand or to buy from brands you know produce their clothing sustainably. You can also alter or restyle old clothing to give it a second life!

Text Intervention

If you’re not satisfied enough, no worries we got you! You can text ‘MOT’ to 466-0150 to sign up for our text based intervention system so that Tommie, our trusty worthy sea-turtle guide can give you a nudge when necessary! Including tips and discount codes to help you reach your sustainability goals. See you soon again (in text) 😉

Lastly, stay tuned for our weekly curated Newsletter coming soon…!

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