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Fashion Bae

You're a sassy trend-setter who brings color to the world! But I must say that great photos must be accompanied by spotless backgrounds. We have a list of new things you can try to always keep your backdrop clean. After all, a clean canvas is what a great artist needs.


While Tommie the Turtle definitely enjoys his jellyfish meals, his vegetarian seaweed meals keep him healthy and vibrant! Step out of your comfort zone and try MoT's supreme selection of sustainably processed food — you will be surprised at how tasty they can be!


You may have seen Tommie's friend struggle with a straw in his nose, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! Things you use for 10 minutes can end up in the ocean for 400 years. Keep my home clean by changing yourself! Then Tommie can welcome you into a clean home when you come to visit.

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Start your sustainable journey with a handmade, locally produced glass straw and a beautifully crafted wooden keychain of your choice.

Bluefin Tuna (100+)

Up your sustainability game with our 2020 color Museum of Tomorrow boba sleeve and chocolates grown sustainability, traded equitably.

Sea Turtle (200+)

Bring a Hydropak with you on your afternoon hikes to keep you hydrated every step! End your daily routine with a biodegradable toothbrush made of bamboo and natural dye.

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