Sneak Peak: New Location – Museum Of Tomorrow X David Brower Center Coming Soon…

On October 22, 2018, our founder and CEO, Jessica Ho, was invited to speak as a panelist on the BearFounder’s event. Jessica said “This is the first time Museum of Tomorrow has been invited to any public venues as a guest speaker, I was very excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, I did not cry on stage.” Panelists were separated into two groups, the ‘Valley of Death Survivors’ who has scored a Series A funding or above, and ‘Valley of Death Challengers,’ who has just set food on the start-up journey. 90% of startups don’t survive the valley….

One of the questions landed on Jessica was how she managed a ten people team and ensured everyone is on the same page. “When I on-board people, I make sure to spend a great amount of time explaining MoT’s mission and value to the team member. When your team members are crystal clear on the missions, they will have much more autonomy to make the correct decisions and moves on their own.”

Museum of Tomorrow has grown from a 3 people team to 10 people rapidly, in the span of a few months, there was a lot of trial and errors for sure, trying different project management software like Asana, and finally resorting back to the good old Google Drive. What we learned was that sometimes the newest technology might not be the best fit for the team, we just have to grind out our own work style as we move along. 

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