The Bad News—and the Good: Opening Reception

Hello Museum of Tomorrow partners and patrons! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the current environment is uncertain, we would like to assure you that we are still very committed to our cause and we are continuing to work on developing the MoT experience. However, as is consistent with our mission, we believe in the power of community action. Therefore, in order to protect our patrons, the timeline of our installment at the David Brower Center has shifted. We are looking forward to making the MoT experience available again, and continuing upon our work started at the DBC Opening Reception, once it is safe again to do so. Updates to come. 

Community guest, led by Tommie the Turtle, explores MoT exhibits

Before the world situation shifted, we were able to host an opening reception at the David Brower Center. During this event, attendees received a personalized name tag, participated in discussion about their individual journeys with sustainability, and were treated to a speech by our CEO and founder, Jessica Ho. After the welcoming activities, our guests were guided through our interactive exhibits through their pamphlets by our good friend Tommie the Turtle. Check out more photos and our video tour of the opening reception of the museum experience!

Our prescription packages include tips and goods to help make sustainable choices

Don’t worry! If you weren’t able to attend our opening reception you can still meet Tommie virtually through the Museum of Tomorrow guide posted on our instagram. In addition to the Tommie the Turtle exhibit pamphlet, it also contain information about each of our sustainability packages: Thirsty, Fashion Bae, and Carnivores. For those who may not always remember to bring a reusable cup—Thirsty is most advised. The avid shopper can find ways to cut back on their use of “fast fashion” with our Fashion Bae package, while still serving looks. Meat Lovers will learn how to incorporate plant-based foods while still eating right with the help of the Carnivores package. Each of these packages contain products and resources to help our guests alter their consumer behavior to help fight climate change.

MoT team looking sharp to celebrate the big opening

How else can you interact with MoT from the safety of your own home? In the coming weeks, the MoT instagram @museumoftomorrow will be sharing sustainability tips related to our exhibits, spotlighting partnership projects and hosting raffles! We will suggest ways to work towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in daily life: posting stories and hosting instagram lives about reducing waste, dressing sustainably, eating plant-based, and more. In a time where it may be easy for the individual to feel more disconnected, we will bring positive news updates about environmental success stories around the globe.

We at MoT believe it is important we help our patrons to be informed on what we are doing wrong in the world, what we are doing right, and what we could all be changing in our daily lives to make positive change. Though the circumstances may not be desirable, the Museum of Tomorrow is committed to continue to provide resources to help our patrons to come together to fight climate change—even in a time of social distancing.



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